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Early summer May Shandong large steam coal slime dryer installation is in progress



  In the early summer of May, the rain is less water, which is a favorable opportunity for the construction of various projects. The construction of a large-scale steam coal slime dryer project in Shandong is in full swing. At the construction site in Shandong, with the large cranes constantly opening the long arm, the after-sales installation team being busy, a busy and busy scene. The following is the installation site of Shandong large steam coal slime dryer.


  It is reported that Shandong customers have a power plant in the local area, and the steam is relatively sufficient. The equipment uses steam as a heat source according to the user's production requirements, and indirectly dries the slime. Therefore, the dust pollution of the exhaust gas is relatively low, which further reduces the steam. The cost of the drying equipment in the exhaust gas treatment, but also the service life of the exhaust gas treatment equipment and the frequency of troubleshooting.

  Zhengzhou Dingli not only provides customers with cost-effective products, but also provides high-quality service support and solutions. The equipment produced is not only sold well all over the country, but also the complete sets of equipment are exported to France, Italy, India, Vietnam, Myanmar, Laos, Nigeria, In more than 30 countries such as Bulgaria, market influence continues to climb.

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