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Straw dryer which is good How long can straw drying?



  Straw used to reduce feed price has good nutritional value as feed supplement, but long-term high-quality storage of straw requires a certain water standard. Straw drying is necessary, and straw dryer is centralized and efficient. The best choice for drying bran.

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  Straw dryer

  The straw dryer is dried by high temperature, the carrier price is relatively low, and the mature technology equipment is mainly the tumble dryer. In order to reduce the customer's land rent and reduce the occupation of the plant area, the three-layer rotary drying structure is usually adopted, and the heat utilization is adopted. The rate is high, the processing capacity is large, and the energy consumption is relatively low. Different water content, different available resources, dryer manufacturers will have different technical treatment programs, such as customers with steam resources, it is generally recommended to use steam tube tumble dryer, drying process is clean and environmentally friendly, steam pre- With heat recycling, the cost will be lower.

  Straw dryer manufacturers which is good

Straw dryer manufacturers are an important factor that directly affects the quality of customer projects. High-quality manufacturers supply not only efficient, high-environmental, low-energy dryer equipment, but also from straw drying line technology processing design, equipment production and processing. The installation, commissioning and after-sales service all give customers greater protection, reducing the capital investment and operating costs of customers from all aspects, and benefiting for a longer time and greater benefit.

  Dingli supplies all kinds of straw dryers for many years, and has won many provincial and municipal science and technology honors. It has support from dozens of technical R&D teams. It is committed to drying technology innovation, equipment environmental protection and low consumption, and integrates sales and reputation. Service providers, rational planning for customers, making full use of resources available to customers, effectively controlling costs and increasing customer revenue.

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