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Coconut silk dryer to make a strong foundation for quality export



  Coconut silk dryer are divided into a variety of, and coconut silk dryers are mainly for the dehydration and drying of coconut palm silk. With the rapid expansion of export business, Dingli has launched a strong export of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving coconut drying equipment for Southeast Asian countries, which has quickly opened up the situation and created considerable economic benefits.

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  In the past, the shredded coconut was dehydrated by natural drying, but this kind of practice took time and effort, and the shredded coconut was also darkened for a long time. The color was dim, the original golden color was lost, the mold was mixed, the impurities were mixed, and the coconut was affected. Coconut silk dryer price and market competitiveness, and advances in industrial technology, this kind of practice has been unable to adapt to the era of large-scale, low-cost production brought about by efficient, centralized and mechanized production.

  Dingli supplies complete sets of equipment, directly docked coconut shell wire sorting machine, coconut silk drying, cocoa sorting, desalination, dehydration, drying, etc. in 40 minutes, the assembly line operation, saving time and labor, energy saving and environmental protection The quality of coconut palm cocoon is guaranteed to a large extent. After high temperature treatment, the coconut milk coco peat is more clean and environmentally friendly. This production line is the necessary equipment for the mechanization, scale and intensive production of coconut copra.

  Dingli strictly controls the processing technology of the coconut silk drying technology and the quality of equipment production and processing, and shoulders the heavy responsibility of manufacturing in China. With the goal of re-taking the Silk Road, the products and technologies of coconut silk dryer are delivered to Southeast Asian countries.


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