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Dingli adds foreign orders: Uzbekistan customers sign pasture drying granulation production line



  Zhengzhou Dingli signed foreign orders, and a feed company in Uzbekistan signed our forage drying and granulating equipment. Our company will design and produce forage drying equipment and provide follow-up services for customers according to order contract.

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  Dingli pasture drying granulation production line equipment can mechanically dry a large number of pastures. The new generation of pasture dryer equipment is a rotary tumble dryer. It is equipped with hot air drying and clean hot blast stove. It is especially suitable for high moisture such as grass. The material is dried, and the moisture of the forage can be quickly dried from 65-75% to 14-18%. The dry pasture completely retains the nutrients of the pasture. The color is bright, the smell is fragrant, and the energy and drying cost can be saved. According to the customer's production needs, our company has tailor-made for the project. The departments responsible for the project have been docked and the related work has been started. It is believed that Dingli pasture drying equipment will be settled as soon as possible.

  Dingli pasture drying granulation production line is suitable for drying equipment suitable for grass, yarrow, royal bamboo grass, oat grass and other materials. Welcome to Dingli factory to order equipment.

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