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The Indian Coconut Coir Dehydration Test in our company



  On 17th,May 2019, Indian customers went to our company for  Coconut Coir Dehydrator Drying Plant, this is the second time for their visiting in our company.During the first visit,they investigate the company and the equipment manufacturing capacity. At the second time,they want to use the cocopeat with dehydration test in our company,we respond to their requirement and did test for them.After two times dehydration test with cocopeat,our belt dehydrator can reduce the moisture from 75% to 62-65%,it meet their requirement.

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  Coconut Coir Dehydrator product works through appropriate preprocessing, gravity dehydration and mechanical dehydration, removing the moisture and discharge the processed materials as filter cake. In the process of filter processing, wet materials on the belt pass gravity dehydration zone and belt roller dehydration zone, where they are quickly dehydrated. The shortening and decreasing contact angle ensures the best combination of pressure and shear.

  Coconut Coir Drying Project is a main industry in our company,especially in South Asia it is filled with many coconut resources,the coconut after harvest,then it need to open the shell,make the cocopeat and fiber separate from each other,the cocopeat making drying which used in many field such as garden industry,as the organic fertilizer for flowers etc,the coconut fiber after drying can do the bed mattress and any other products. South Asia is the main markets of cocopeat drying project,we will try our best to offer the good quality and good product to our customers.


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