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Blue landscape under the sun, sugar cane dryer project equipment delivery



  The temperature in May has begun to have the characteristics of midsummer, and on May 22, the sun is on fire, Zhengzhou Dingli supplies the sugarcane leaf dryer to the whole machine in Yunnan, and becomes a blue landscape under the sun.

  The picture below shows the delivery of Dingli Yunnan sugar cane leaf dryer:


  Sugar cane dryer is suitable for the rapid drying of leaves of various trees such as ginkgo leaves, poplar leaves and eucalyptus leaves, with large processing capacity and high efficiency. The dry material better maintains the color of the leaves and is used for feed or biomass particles. The fuel production line can be used, which has the positive effect of increasing the molding rate of the granulation line and reducing the cost.

  The sugar cane rotary dryer is mature in technology, using biomass fuel machine or gas hot air stove to supply heat, clean and environmentally friendly, solves the problem of heat source fuel selection for many customers, and can also supply fuel for some places where coal can be burned. Coal type hot blast stove. The technical processing and equipment configuration of the sugarcane leaf dryer are based on customer needs and requirements, and the manufacturers plan reasonably. The Yunnan dryer project is based on the customer's requirements, using biomass burners for heating.

  The detailed progress of the installation and commissioning of Yunnan sugar cane dryer project will be continuously updated, so stay tuned.

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