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What is really needed is more suitable to drying brewers grain



  Brewers grain include white brewers grain and brewers grain. What are the drying methods? And which method to choose to drying the brewers grain, or according to their own production needs, the complete set of brewers grain dehydration and drying equipment in the current market supply and demand under the relationship, there is a good price and a strong technical guarantee.


  Some customers only have one hundred kilograms per day, and it is not necessary to require customers to use a complete set of brewers grain dewatering and drying equipment. Especially in summer, it is more suitable to dry the drying directly.

  For the ten-ton or tens of tons per day, more than 100 tons of brewers grain drying project, the mechanized operation will get a good scale treatment benefit. At this time, it is possible to use a three-layer rotary tumble dryer which is heated and dried in hot air, or a tubular indirect tumble dryer which uses steam as a heat medium, and the dry material can be watered at about 12%, and the dry material is cleaned. The color is superior, and can be turned on and off 24 hours a day.

  For some brewers grain dehydration projects with low water content requirements, a brewers grain dewatering machine or a white wine slag filter press can be satisfied.

  Different production requirements and dewatering requirements, there are different methods of dehydration or drying of brewers grain and corresponding mechanical equipment.

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