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Bean dregs dehydrator and dehydration introducttion



  Dehydration of bean dregs is a procedure that must be passed by the starch factory and soybean processing factory to meet the water content standards of China's waste residue, and does not form sewage pollution. When the bean dregs are dehydrated, there is a special low-power and high-treatment belt dewatering machine, and the drying residue rate of bean dregs is high.

  Is there a picture of the bean dregs dehydrator?

bean dregs dehydrator.jpg

  The process flow of the bean dregs dehydrator is simple: the wet bean dregs with water content higher than 60% are evenly spread on the filter belt through the auger. The filter belt smoothes the height of the material layer with the operation of the equipment. The thickness of the wet bean dregs is completely uniform; then the upper and lower two ring-shaped filter belts are completely clamped, and the material layer is clamped by the driving roller, and the pair of rollers in the dewatering zone are mechanically squeezed several times in succession, which will be a large number of The water is pressed out. According to the characteristics of the bean dregs, the pressing force is automatically adjusted to meet the customer's requirements for the moisture of the bean dregs.

  And more intuitive to show customers how the bean dreg dehydrator mechanical dehydration to meet customer expectations? A perfect video of the bean dregs dehydrator can be met. Dingli participates in the dehydration projects of high-humidity materials such as bean dregs, potato dregs, cassava residue, distiller's grains, dregs, kitchen waste etc. And the technology is mature. The dehydrator has low power consumption, stable performance and good dewatering effect. 

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