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Several common problems in the project of drying coal equipment



  The problems that must be considered in construction of coal drying  equipment projects are coal drying cost, drying and upgrading equipment performance, manufacturer service, and coal drying quality. However, with the changes in the market, the current dry coal equipment project is ideally considered. The EIA, followed by the heat source?


  So, what are the environmental performance and technical processes of drying coal equipment?

  Today's coal dryers use a multi-stage dust removal system for drying and wet use, from cyclone dust collectors to bag filters to wet dust collectors, so that it is from dust purification particle size control technology to carbon in flue gas. Sulfur pollution has a good treatment, and the EIA is more certain. The dust removal efficiency of Zhengzhou Dingli's multi-stage dust removal system is as high as 99.95%. Therefore, it is more difficult to build a high-quality and high-efficiency coal drying production line through EIA.

  And how to choose the heat source for drying coal equipment?

Coal drying equipment has avoided the prohibition of coal burning, but uses clean energy as fuel such as natural gas, biomass fuel, etc., while providing sufficient heat, good combustion performance, promoting fuel full combustion, and lower energy consumption.

  At the same time, for customers who have flue gas preheating resources, the tube-type tumble dryer is used to indirectly dry with various flue gas waste heat as the medium, so the cost of coal drying is lower, and at the same time, it is more A kind of environmental protection.

  Zhengzhou Dingli coal drying equipment has stable performance, strong drying, uniform drying raw material particles, uniform wet and dry, low water content, and greatly increased heat generation, while the  manufacturer's service further enhances added value of drying coal equipment, benefiting customers.

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