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Shanxi coal slime dryer delivery proves the importance of quality once again



  What is a high-quality coal slime dryer, no doubt, only the realization of customer expectations is a good equipment. Dingli always adheres to needs of customers, is brave in innovation, and dares to break through. Therefore, in the off-season demand, this high-frequency equipment is still available. At yesterday, the delivery of Shanxi coal slime dryer proved that it is only the concept of good equipment that meets the needs of customers.

  The following picture is from Shanxi large-scale coal slime dryer delivery site:


  Under the background of high environmental pressure and the sluggish coal economy, coal slime dryer project can only be more environmentally friendly, less expensive, and of higher quality, in order to have the expected economic benefits. Therefore, Dingli is vigorously upgrading its technology. On the one hand, the implementation of energy-saving technology system upgrade, on the other hand to strengthen the application and improvement of environmental protection technology, the new flue gas preheated coal slime dryer and gas-type coal slime drying equipment, welcomed by the market.


  The Shanxi coal slime dryer also adopts a newly upgraded technical system with a daily drying capacity of 800 tons, which belongs to the small coal slime drying equipment project. The details of the installation, commissioning and commissioning of the project will be continuously released. stay tuned!

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