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Brewer's Grain Spent Dehydration Dehydration multi-machine type discount price selection



  Despite the high temperatures, some small wineries and feed mills are more suitable for drying and drying beer granules by drying, but the shorter cycle, cleaner, more efficient, lower cost and more centralized treatment is through  beer slag dewatering machine. The way of the tumble dryer, and the Zhengzhou Dingli manufacturer is actively upgrading the beer waste dewatering technology.


  There are two main steps in the dehydration and drying production line of beer lees, namely mechanical dewatering and high temperature drying. The mechanical dehydration of beer lees is mainly spiral extrusion dewatering machine and belt dewatering machine, and can be subdivided into single-axis spiral and double-axis spiral. Dewatering, belt type concentrated filter press, pressure type belt filter press, standard type filter press, etc. For details, please consult Dingli, the manufacturer of beer waste dewatering machine.

  The dewatering capacity of the beer dew powerful dewatering machine is doubled after upgrading, which has a larger and leap-forward effect on reducing the energy consumption of beer waste dryer, so that the direct feed mill can reduce the production cost of the mixed feed of the beer and the bad.

  Dingli's brewer's grain dryer manufacturer  has been committed to research and development and equipment production for more than ten years in the dehydration and drying technology of brewery grains, corn alcohol grains, white wine grains, rice grains and other winery waste residues. The cases are well-known throughout the country. The cooperation of brewery units is also rare, with a considerable market share. Customers can look at the site, field visits, understand the actual operation and process of brewer's grains drying, and the plant construction of the dehydration and drying production line.

  The quotation plan for the price of brewer's grain dryer complete sets of equipment will provide customers with more detailed information on the process introduction, cost analysis, plant construction design, market analysis and other customers to build the beer waste drying line.

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