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Soy Bean Fast Drying Equipment Large Bean Dreg Dryer Video



  Bean processing will produce a large amount of bean dregs. As a feed ingredient, bean dregs have high nutrient content and high crude protein content. Drying bean dregs contain 27.7% crude protein, which is a superior feed material. High-humid bean residue feed processing requires professional use. Dewatering and drying equipment, what are the current fast drying equipment for bean dregs? Today, Dingli introduces Dingli bean dreg dryer equipment and the video of the large bean dreg dryer in a project.

  How to drying the bean dregs quickly? The high-moist bean dregs need to be squeezed and dehydrated before treatment. The dehydration process is very important in the process of bean dregs treatment. The bean dregs can be dehydrated to a certain extent to enter the bean dregs drying process. Zhengzhou Dingli's bean dreg drying equipment adopts high temperature drying, and the dehydrated bean dregs pass. Transfer into the bean dregs dryer equipment, fully contact with the hot air in the drum for drying, the production line equipment is equipped with a good insulation system, effectively reducing the energy consumption of the drying system, providing overall drying efficiency, Dingli bean dregs dryer There are self-developed processes to avoid material bonding, etc., and the material drying effect is good. You can simply understand the above video.

  Zhengzhou Dingli provides R & D, design, production and other services for large-scale bean dregs drying equipment, free installation and commissioning, welcome to Dingli inquiry  and order equipment.

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