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Focus on Dingli | Heilongjiang Chinese medicine residue dryer loading and delivery



  Zhengzhou Dingli factory area at yesterday, a set of Chinese medicine slag drying equipment was ready to be sent. They will be sent to the Heilongjiang customer site to add resources to the utilization of Heilongjiang dregs.


  Traditional Chinese medicine slag is a by-product of pharmaceutical manufacturing. It is rich in organic matter such as fiber, polysaccharide, protein, and trace elements. After treatment, it can be used to make organic fertilizer, biomass fuel, feed, and plant culture medium.

  The traditional Chinese medicine slag dryer is the main equipment for the recycling of medicinal residues. The whole machine has less investment, good drying effect, scientific design, simple operation, large processing capacity, rapid dehydration, high heat efficiency, energy saving and site, and can help Chinese medicine manufacturers and related drug residue processing enterprises to efficiently and quickly treat a large number of traditional Chinese medicines. The slag is dehydrated and dried to facilitate transportation and storage, which provides a strong guarantee for the comprehensive utilization of the subsequent slag.

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