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Shanxi large-scale coal slime dryer installation, coal slime drying method is cheaper



  Recently, Shanxi large-scale coal slime dryer project is in hot installation. Everything is carried out in an orderly manner. The progress report of Shanxi coal slime drying project was returned to the company at yesterday. The large-scale drying line first showed its scene today.

coal slime dryer.jpg

  Coal slime dryer is a kind of cheaper method to realize drying and upgrading of coal slime and improve the heating value. It has more processing capacity, continuous, high efficiency, low floor space and cycle than the method of drying coal slime. Short and low labor cost advantages. For the drying of 700 tons of coal slime in Shanxi, the use of large coal slime dryer is a better choice and method.

  Shanxi is a mature coal slime drying equipment supply market in Zhengzhou. It is home to many high-quality dryer project cases, which is convenient for Shanxi customers to conduct field visits. It is also a direct reference for comprehensive strength of Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers. The installation of 700-ton large-scale slime dryer production line in Shanxi was completed and put into production, and Zhengzhou Dingli made a self-certification to Shanxi market once again.

  Zhengzhou Dingli custom supply coal-fired coal slime dryer production line, gas-type coa slime drying line, steam-drying coal slime equipment production line, or cleaning equipment in the form of clean heat source, no daily limit on the amount of processing, based on customer needs. Design technical solutions, provide free list of coal slime drying equipment configuration list, equipment quotation, cost analysis and other information.

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