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Large-scale coal slime dryer project signing is based on environmental protection



  At the beginning of July, Dingli re-signed the coal slurry drying equipment supply contract. In the current order to obtain the non-excellent strength of order can not be, the set of equipment for Ningxia. The project has now entered the equipment production The departments are highly coordinated, and Coal Slime Dryer processing and delivery will be completed on schedule.

  The current procedures for the establishment of coal slime dryer project are complex and the cycle is very long. First, the requirements of the environmental assessment are required to enter the formal investment and construction process. Therefore, Dingli is committed to tackling environmental protection technology, based on customer needs, actively coordinate and cooperate with customers to complete the establishment, construction and commissioning of the entire coal slime dryer production line to ensure continuous, efficient and environmentally friendly production.

  Therefore, Ningxia customers emphasized the environmental protection technology of coal slime drying equipment during the technical exchange of our company. Our dry and wet dust removal system and clean heat source system deeply persuaded the customers and obtained their praises, and signed a cooperation contract with our company. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made production of coal slime dryer has more than ten years of vertical, the company has obtained nearly a thousand patents. The high-humidity waste slag is involved in a wide range of fields, mature technology, stable equipment performance, many project cases, customers are more secure.


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