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Guizhou Sweet Potato Slag Dryer Order Promotes Tongren Agricultural Industrialization Development



  Zhengzhou Dingli and Guizhou Tongren customers officially signed a cooperation contract, which is customized by our company to supply 600 tons of Sweet Potato Slag Dryer Production Line. And the important thing is that the project is the agricultural industrialization project in Tongren area, which will drive Zhengzhou Dingli has entered the field of agricultural industrialization development, contributing to the promotion of heat and promoting the ecological and high-quality development of the sweet potato processing industry.


  The 600-ton sweet potato slag dryer production line is the first project that our company officially participated in the development of China's agricultural industrialization. It is also the sufficient strength that our company has accumulated through years of strong drying technology research and development and market operation.


  Our Sweet Potato Slag Dryer  adopts paddle-type drum dryer, which has small floor space, large processing capacity, strong drying, combination of drum drying and air drying, and different temperature control in different drying stages. And dry state, dry material is dry and wet even, high quality. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli's many projects such as sweet potato residue, bean dregs and potato residue have been well received by customers.

  Guizhou Tongren Sweet Potato Slag Dryer Project is greater significance for Dingli. Therefore, the production line will have more rigorous technical design and quality control, in meeting Tongren Agricultural Industrialization Project sweet potato slag dryer production line. At the same time of high-quality construction and operation, it further enhances the position and popularity of Dingli dryer in the industry.

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