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Lebanese customers inspect coconut shell carbonization equipment



  Giving customers a more reliable sense of trust is a more hospitality for customers. Recently, Lebanese customers came to our company to inspect Coconut Shell Carbonization Equipment. Two sides have entered into a deep exchange for coconut shell carbonization low energy consumption technology. Both technology and equipment processing have been well evaluated, and cooperation is also expected in the future.


  Our company has established a high-quality dryer production line in Lebanon, which has substantial promotion significance for promoting the cooperation between the two parties. Our company not only exports high-humidity waste residue dryer equipment, but also expands its business and extends the company's equipment products. Series of products such as coconut silk drying, coconut shell carbonization, and copra drying have been launched and achieved good results.


  Coconut shell carbonization equipment is another explosion machine exported to Southeast Asia after the introduction of coconut silk and cocoon drying equipment. It is mainly connected with carbonization machine and carbonization furnace. It has low power consumption, large production capacity and carbonization quality. High is the main feature. Lebanese customers have conducted in-depth inspections of our production lines, and they have been recognized and trusted by the generous decomposition of the technical principles to the testing and demonstration of the testing machines.

  Trust, not the patchwork of language, but based on the needs of customers, relying on strength to impress and persuade. And Lebanese customers coconut shell carbonization equipment can be expected in the future.


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