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Selection and configuration of dehydration drying equipment for 15 tons of brewers grain



  Brewers grain dehydration drying equipment can be selected in two configurations, one is three-cylinder dryer matched with beer-slurry screw extrusion dewatering machine, and the other is the drum drying equipment matched with the beer-waste belt dewatering machine. At the same time, the three-cylinder dryer has different configurations according to different heat sources, and how to configure a complete set of beer dehydration drying line, the whole set of equipment is still based on the customer's budget and demand.

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  The effect of brewers grain dewatering machine and belt type dewatering machine is the same, and the screw extrusion dewatering machine is more suitable for the dewatering of the coarse fiber type high-humidity waste residue with larger particle size. And the belt type dewatering machine has stronger adaptability. Various wastes can be dehydrated efficiently. Therefore, some customers choose the belt dewatering machine to prepare for the dewatering of later mixture.

  The three-cylinder dryer is suitable for the strong drying of various light and high-humidity waste slags. The daily processing capacity is large. If 15 tons of brewers grain or 50 tons of brewers grain are dried, it can be used for three-layer rotary drying. The structure and the two-return mode of the material in the drying system effectively extend the heating time. Therefore, brewers grain three-cylinder dryer has a smaller footprint than the single-cylinder dryer under the premise of simultaneous drying. 

  Dehydration and drying of brewers grain, or dehydration and drying of waste residue of liquor, such as white wine, corn alcohol, and rice grains, have made good progress and progress in terms of technology and equipment cost. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order brewers grain dewatering machine.

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