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Dingli sauce residue dryer Hunan project departure



  On July 9th, Hunan Sauce Residue Dryer was processed and loaded and shipped. The daily processing capacity of the equipment was 25 tons per hour, and dry material water requirement was 12%. At present, the vehicle has been on the way and will arrive on time.

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  Sauce residue dryer is a series of feed drying equipments of our company. It can be used for drying and upgrading of waste slag, vinegar residue and bran etc. High temperature and strong drying, high heat utilization rate, low energy consumption, and many customers. Recognition and praise. Hunan Sauce Residue Dryer will also be a high-efficiency, low-consumption and environmentally-friendly desiccant dewatering and drying production line.

  In Hunan, our company has a variety of high-humidity waste residue dewatering and drying projects, from sauce residue to dregs and other waste residue materials. There are many cases, customers can visit nearby, and understand the operation process and project quality of dehydration drying equipment. This is also the main reason why Hunan Sauce Residue Dryer customers have determined our company as a project equipment supplier.

  Hunan Sauce Residue Dryer will be installed and commissioned according to customer's time requirements. The company will continue to report on the progress of the project. Dingli would like to know about various high-humidity waste drying equipment such as sauce residue, brewers grain, bran and rapeseed. Welcome to Dingli inquiry and order equipment.


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