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How much is the chaff biomass pellet fuel equipment?



  China's annual production of chaff has ranked first in the world in 1997. and the production of material fuel by the re-processing of chaff is in line with China's energy structure transformation, and also in line with China's environmental protection and abandonment principles. Therefore, Chaff Biomass Pellet Fuel Equipmenthas the dual conditions of demanding market and technical equipment.

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  The crust biomass fuel equipment is also suitable for the production and processing of other waste wood scraps such as sawdust, wood chips and bamboo chips. Many biomass fuel production lines use a mixture of wood chips and chaff. The complete set of chaff biomass fuel production equipment includes a pulverizing unit, a drying unit, a power distribution unit, a granulating unit, a dust removing unit and a packaging unit, and the specific equipment configuration needs to be determined according to the needs of the customer.

  The crust biomass fuel equipment has strong adaptability and intelligent control, the floor space is reduced by 50%, the heat utilization rate is high, the forming rate is over 98%, and the finished product ash is less than 1%. Therefore, the market of chaff biomass fuel strong competitiveness and price increase.

  The chaff biomass fuel production equipment is a product launched by our company for the optimization of the energy market structure. At present,it is more popular in foreign markets, with good sales and reputation. With the continuous optimization of China's coal economy and the application of clean energy. With continuous expansion, biomass energy will have better development in industry and life. Therefore, the recycling rate of biomass fuel materials such as chaff, wood chips, sawdust, bamboo chips and dregs is increasing.

  How much is a set of chaff biomass fuel production equipment? Zhengzhou Dingli adopts customized production. The customer proposes specific daily production requirements, the company's technical accounting equipment model, and provides customers with reasonable technical solutions for the entire production line equipment, and targeted quotations, details can be consulted.


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