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Sawdust dryer manufacturers talk about how to correctly choose high-quality sawdust drying equipment

  The sawdust dryer is the main equipment for drying wet sawdust. For customers, it is very necessary to choose suitable and cost-effective drying equipment. The sawdust dryer is specially used for drying sawdust, sawdust, wood flour and other materials. Reasonable selection can save energy consumption, so how to choose high-quality wood chip drying equipment correctly? Listen to the detailed sharing of wood chip dryer manufacturers:

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  1. Combined with its own needs and material characteristics

  Before buying, we must know our ideal yield and the moisture we want to achieve after drying. A high-quality sawdust dryer must first be suitable for drying materials with specific moisture, and meet the basic quality requirements of material drying, including processing materials, conveying, fluidization, dispersion, heat transfer, discharge, etc., and can meet the processing capacity. Dehydration Quantity. The basic requirements of product quality and other aspects.

  2. Drying process of sawdust dryer

  The sawdust dryer manufacturer introduced that the sawdust dryer has advanced drying technology, adopts high-temperature rapid drying process, has large heat transfer coefficient, high thermal efficiency, and high drying strength. Powerful construction machinery companies have been improving their competitiveness and brand awareness, widening the gap between competitors and their own brands.

  3. Observe the stability of the finished product after drying

  It is particularly important to observe the stability of the finished product after drying: the entire drying production line occupies a small area, is scientifically designed, has a wide range of materials, is simple to operate, requires little maintenance, and has stable quality of dried products.

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