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How much dry material is dried in the bean residue? How much is the drying cost of the bean residue?



  Bean residue is the waste residue produced by soybean processed products. Generally, the bean curd residue contains 85% moisture, protein 3.0%, fat 0.5%, carbohydrate (cellulose, polysaccharide, etc.) 8.0%. In addition, it also contains calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals. substance. In order to re-process and make the feed, the application of the dried bean curd residue in the feed is also widely used, and it is also recognized by the farmers. Bean residue reprocessing requires the use of bean curd dryer equipment. What is the current cost of tofu slag drying? How much dry material can the tofu slag dry out?

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  How much dry material can a ton of bean curd residue dry out after drying? This has a certain relationship with the moisture content of wet bean dregs. Under ideal conditions, the dry matter quality of the bean curd residue before and after drying is unchanged. The dry matter of one ton of wet bean curd residue is the same as that after drying, and one ton of bean curd is dried. The dry material has a solid content (%) of 1 ton* bean curd residue, etc., but some factors in the drying process of the bean curd will also affect the yield of the finished product, so the finished product will be slightly less than the calculated output. There are many factors affecting the drying cost of bean curd residue, etc. The specific requirements of the customer's production line configuration such as the processing capacity of bean curd slag directly affect the equipment cost, the cost of equipment purchase in the early stage of the bean curd drying production line, and whether the equipment directly affects the material directly. Drying finished products and operating costs, etc., the cost of drying the bean curd requires the technical staff of the manufacturer to combine different equipment for cost accounting and free consultation.

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