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Dingli sauce residue dryer equipment is put into operation in Hunan



  As a manufacturer of high-humidity dewatering and drying equipment, Zhengzhou Dingli has accumulated many years of R&D and design experience since its establishment. The Sauce Residue Dryer mainly meets the needs of soy sauce feed residue recycling and utilization. The machine has obvious advantages in providing customers with more non-stop running time and improving customer profitability.



  A soy sauce factory runs this set of soy sauce slag dewatering and drying production line in Hunan. The whole set of equipment not only attracts the eye in appearance, but also the intrinsic technology is unique. The high-humid sauce slag is pre-dehydrated by a dehydrator and then enters the dregs dryer for deep dehydration. The moisture content of the dregs after drying is about 12%, and the scorch or sticking phenomenon occurs in order to prevent the viscosity of the dregs from being large. The device is internally provided with a dispersing and cleaning device, and the dried product has good color and high quality. The introduction of this production line not only consumes a lot of sauce residue, but also brings great economic benefits.

  Under the technical support, Zhengzhou Dingli Sauce Residue Dryer has been continuously innovating and improving, and its productivity has been continuously improved. It has been widely recognized by customers and has been exhibited in sauce residue processing plants in Chongqing.

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