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Large bean residue dewatering equipment pictures and prices



  In summer, many companies are more urgent in dealing with high-humid bean dregs, because long-term stacking will cause rapid decay and odor of bean dregs. Therefore, many customers will purchase dewatering or drying equipment for processing. In view of the cost, customers will choose dewatering equipment. Today Dingli's author share concerns of customers, the price and case picture of large bean dregs dehydration equipment.


  At present, there are many bean processing enterprises, so a large amount of discarded bean dregs will be produced. These enterprises need to process large amounts of bean dregs. Therefore, it is necessary to purchase large-scale Bean Dreg Dewatering Equipment. Zhengzhou Dingli can provide high-quality bean dreg dewatering equipment according to customer capacity requirements. The bean dregs enter the Dingli bean dreg dewatering equipment through the conveying equipment. With the operation of the filter belt of the bean dreg dewatering equipment, and the limit plate scrapes the thickness of the bean dregs uniformly, the roller of the dewatering zone is continuously mechanically squeezed by the driving roller. , a large amount of water is pressed out, according to the customer's demand for dehydration of bean dregs, Dingli bean dreg dewatering equipment of different specifications and models.

  What is the price of Dingli large bean dreg dehydration equipment? The above is a brief introduction to the workflow of the company. The cost of the dehydration equipment is directly related to the production of raw materials. Some customers will choose to use stainless steel, which also causes the cost of equipment to rise, so the equipment price is also higher, different models There is also a price difference in the bean dreg dewatering equipment. The greater the processing capacity, the higher the cost of the equipment will be, so the price of the equipment has also increased. For detailed quotation of the Dingli bean dreg dehydration equipment, please call 15670626070 for consultation.

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