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How many tons of coal slime dryers are produced in one hour? Large-scale coal slime dryer manufacturers support customization



  There are many coal slime  drying equipments on the market. In the process of preliminary inspection, the company pays attention to the price of coal slime dryer and also pays attention to the problem of how many tons of coal slime dryers are produced in one hour. It has introduced equipment customization services to meet customer needs. Coal slime dryer equipment provided to customers is more in line with its production needs, so it has won good market. 

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  Zhengzhou Dingli Coal Slime Dryer can meet the daily demand of 300~3000 tons of coal slime drying needs to support customization. Zhengzhou Dingli technical team can design production plans for customers' production needs, to meet more customers' needs for drying and processing coal slime, Zhengzhou Dingli coal slime dryer working process: Coal slime drying production line is mainly composed of heat source, feeding device, belt feeding machine, rotary drum, belt discharge machine, induced draft fan, dust collector and power distribution cabinet. The working principle of the set of equipment is as follows: Since the material has certain viscosity, the wet material enters the drying drum and is divided into the following working areas: First, the guiding material area, the wet material mud enters this area and contacts with the high temperature hot air to quickly evaporate water, and the material is large. When the guide plate of the lead angle is copied, the shape is not bonded and then introduced into the next working area; the second is to pick up the cleaning area, the wet material is copied by the plate in this area to form a curtain state, and the material is easy to form when the material falls. In the area of ​​the drum wall, in this area, because the equipment is designed with a cleaning device, the cleaning device cleans the material adhering to the inner wall very reasonably. In this process, the cleaning device also breaks up the agglomeration of the material ball, thereby increasing the The heat exchange area increases the drying rate; the third is the inclined lifting plate area. The wet coal slime has a low moisture loose state in this area, and the material has no bonding phenomenon in this area. After sufficient heat exchange, the material meets the requirements. The water state enters the discharge area. The fourth is the discharge area, the drum does not have a copy board in this area, and the material slides in this area to the discharge opening to complete entire drying process.

  How many tons of drying coal slime machine is produced in one hour? According to the different production needs of customers, Zhengzhou Dingli can provide different types of dryer equipment. At present, with the strict demand of environmental protection, many customers have more demand for heat source and dust removal equipment. There are many heat sources in Dingli coal slime drying production line. To choose from, use multi-stage dust removal to solve the problem-solving problem. For more information about coal slime drying production line, you can call 15670626070 for consultation.

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