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Brewers Grain Spent Dryer – – Dregs for drying and feeding pigs with high efficiency and nutrition



  With the rising price of pork, pork prices have stood on the peak since 2013, and many people lament that even the "two brothers" must be able to climb high. According to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, as of 14:00 on July 29, the average price of pork in the national agricultural wholesale market was 24.35 yuan / kg. The dehydration and drying of brewers grain spent is not only a good way to solve the contradiction of pig feed shortage, reduce costs, and improve the economic benefits of raising pigs, but also make pigs appetite and spleen, increase appetite and fast fattening. Today, take this opportunity, Dingli to analyze the model specifications, price quotes, manufacturers, etc. Brewers Grain Dryer users are more concerned about, I hope I can help you.

  First, Brewers Grain Spent dryer Model

Models Capacity(t/d) Evaporation Capacity(t/h) Moisture(%) Drying material moisture(%) Drying temperature(℃) Motor power(kw) Weight(kg) Area
DLSG1409 21.6 0.45 60±5% 12-15% (adjustable) 250±30℃ 34 15500 5m*15m
DLSG1615 40.0 0.85 45 19500 6m*22m
DLSG2010/3 62.5 1.35 78 25000 8m*18m
DLSG2210/3 70.5 1.44 85 27000 8m*18m
DLSG2510/3 83.5 1.76 110 35000 10m*18m
DLSG2512/3 108.0 2.10 125 38000 10m*20m
DLSG2912/3 120.0 2.50 135 43500 10m*22m

  The above mentioned is the common model of brewers grain dryer. In addition, Zhengzhou Dingli can also be professionally tailored according to the specific production needs of users, to meet your drying needs in all directions and improve your investment income. For specific technical parameter information, you can click on Dingli Customer Service to learn more.

  Second, Brewers Grain Spent Dryer Quotes Market

  Brewers Grain Spent Dryer required by different users are the same. Under different configurations, different models and specifications, the equipment quotations will be different. In the horizontal direction, under the same configuration, the quotation of large-value equipment will definitely be higher than the small output value. Vertically speaking, under different equipment configurations, it is not uncommon for brewers grain spent to differ by tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, the price of brewers grain spent dryer will be affected by the manufacturer, region, market, time period etc. So it is difficult to obtain an accurate quotation directly.

  Zhengzhou Dingli is a professional manufacturer of brewers grain spent dryers. The high-quality drying equipment has won unanimous praise from the users. Interested users are welcome to bring the materials to the factory to visit the test machine.

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