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8 How to drying brewers grain and how much equipment is available



  Brewers grain include red brewers grain, white brewers grain, brewers grain, rice brewers grain and other winery wastes, how to dry, how to meet the requirements of feed mills, no deterioration, no pollution, good taste and good nutrition, special drying of brewers grain mechanical equipment, also known as brewers grain spent dryer.


  How to drying brewers grain spent

  Under normal circumstances, the metropolitan line dehydrates brewers grain spent, that is, mechanical extrusion and dehydration. At this time, brewers grain spent are reduced from more than 80% of the water content to about 60%, which can meet the factory requirements, and then the dehydrated brewers grain spent enter rotary dryer. High temperature and strong drying, counted in a few seconds, to meet the water requirements of the feed mill, generally around 13%, too low cost, or about 20%, easy to mix other dregs to carry out the necessary nutritional balance.

  How much is brewers grain spent drying equipment?

  Purchasing a high-efficiency, low-consumption, environmentally-friendly, high-yield brewers grain spent dryer at a lower cost is ideal, and in fact, it can be achieved with care. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made brewers grain spent dryer for many years, the price is fair, equipment performance is stable, environmental protection and energy conservation as the main technical advantages, and the project case is rich, practical experience, more secure and reliable.

  Therefore, the price of brewers grain spent drying equipment must first be guaranteed by high-quality manufacturers, so that it can be truly cost-effective. A brewers grain spent dryer or hundreds of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, can be seen in detail, the manufacturer's quotation plan, more believe and reference.


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