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Large sweet potato slag belt filter press two with the same vehicle



  The dehydration treatment of high-humidity waste residue can not be slowed down. Today, two large sweet potato slag belt filter presses sold by Zhengzhou Dingli feed mill are shipped with the same vehicle and delivered on time.


   The two sweet potato slag belt filter presses have a capacity of 100 tons of wet sweet potato slag per day, and the dehydration capacity can reduce the water content of the potato slag to about 55%. The belt filter press is mainly used in the pre-dewatering treatment of various high-humidity waste slags, which can meet the water-requirement requirements of China's waste slag, low power consumption, large processing capacity, durability, low labor cost, and low technical requirements for workers.

  The belt filter press can be used not only for the dehydration of sweet potato residue, cassava residue, bean dregs, etc., but also for the mechanical dehydration of waste residue such as distiller's grains, bran, tea residue, dregs and kitchen waste, which is highly adaptable. One machine multi-material dehydration.

  The installation and commissioning process of the two large sweet potato slag dewatering machines will continue to be reported. Please pay attention to the details.

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