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How much is a small sweet potato slag dryer?



  After the sweet potato slag is dried, the development of the feed industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, and it is also caused by the environmental protection requirements of China's waste residue treatment. The sweet potato slag dryer starts at 20 tons per day, and there is no upper limit. The model customization, configuration and materials are based on the customer's actual situation. Depending on the needs and conditions, so how much a small sweet potato slag dryer may depend on the specific plan.


  With the adjustment of the dryer production line, the model of the small sweet potato slag dryer is adjusted to a low tonnage of 20 tons per day, and the daily drying of 20 tons is no longer set. Sweet potato residue drying is different from bran, corn husk and distiller's grains and tea residue. It is divided into three processes. Firstly, it is dehydrated. The configuration is usually a belt dewatering machine. This type of machine has better dewatering effect. The dehydration capacity is generally about 20 water, and the material after dehydration is generally about 55% to 60%.

  After the mechanical dehydration, the sweet potato slag enters the drum drying process and is divided into two parts. The first is the paddle-type drum-type tumble dryer, which is dried at high temperature and strong, reaches 35% of water and then enters the wet material pulverizer, and then enters the airflow to dry. In the stage, after the drying is required, the water is discharged, and the high-temperature airflow enters the purification process, and is discharged into the atmosphere after the environmental impact assessment. From then on, the sweet potato residue drying process is completed.

  How much is a small sweet potato slag dryer?

  The price of small sweet potato slag dryer equipment is affected by factors such as material, configuration, model, manufacturer positioning, brand, etc. The same model and configuration are different, and the quotation is different. Different manufacturers' brands give different strengths and price positioning, and the technical level has Differences, how much the price is naturally different.

  The price of small sweet potato residue dryer can vary from 100,000 to hundreds of thousands or even more. However, the nine-day dryer manufacturer guarantees high efficiency, low consumption, environmental protection and continuous production of the sweet potato residue drying production line.

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