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  Brewers grain spent drying equipment factory has different processing technology, quality requirements and enterprise development orientation. Therefore, it is inevitable that the price difference of a set of the same type of distiller's grains drying equipment is large. Zhengzhou Dingli custom-made distiller's equipment for more than ten years. As an old brand manufacturer, it has many on-site cases as a support, based on the principle of mutual benefit and mutual benefit, affordable and practical.


  Brewers grain spent drying equipment is suitable for dehydration and drying of various winery wastes such as Brewers grain spent, corn Brewers grain spent, rice grains and sorghum grains. There are two forms of steam drying Brewers grain spent process and hot air oven heating air strong drying process, and the specific needs are according to customers. It depends on resources. Brewers grain spent drying equipment has a long practical period, humanized operation, low labor cost, high cleanliness of dry Brewers grain spent, low nutritional damage, and higher quality and guarantee for brewers grain spent feed processing.


  The price of Zhengzhou Dingli, Brewers grain spent drying equipment factory, has always been based on the value of equipment, and through various benefits to improve the cost performance of equipment, to promote customers to build more efficient production lines.

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