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Nissan 10 tons of raft dryers where-- Dingli are raft rotary dryer manufacturers



  Different customers have different needs for the production of raft drying. Some customers will have a demand for a 10 ton rotary dryer. Some of the processing needs may require hundreds of tons per day. These are 10 tons per day. Where are the hundreds of tons of raft dryers? Zhengzhou Dingli - raft rotary dryer manufacturers have long been providing a variety of models of production line equipment, you can call 15670626070 for consultation.


  Zhengzhou Dingli is committed to the research and development, production and production of biofuels drying and forming production lines. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli has provided a variety of models of biomass pellet fuel production line equipment for domestic and foreign customers, and exported to Morocco, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bulgaria, Russia, Indonesia, Tunisia and other countries have been well received by local customers. The main process of Dingli raft rotary dryer: the raft is fed into the inner layer of the rotary drum by the feeding device to achieve downstream drying, and the inner layer is copied. Under the board, the paper is continuously picked up and scattered to realize the heat exchange in a spiral traveling manner; then the other end of the inner layer is moved into the middle layer, and the counter-current drying is carried out, and the middle layer is continuously pushed forward repeatedly, and the progress is carried out in two steps. In the middle layer, the heat dissipated by the inner roller can be fully absorbed, and the heat of the middle roller can be absorbed, and the drying time is prolonged, and the material reaches a dry state here. The material goes to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer, and travels in a rectangular multi-loop manner in the outer drum. The material that achieves the drying effect quickly travels out of the drum under the action of hot air, and the wet material that does not reach the drying effect cannot travel fast due to its own weight. Drying is sufficiently carried out in this rectangular copying board, thereby completing the entire drying process.

  Dingli's raft dryer equipment supports custom-made, which can meet the needs of customers in various regions for drying rafts. The specifications and quotations for raft dryer equipment can be consulted online.

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