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Dregs dewatering machine can save costs due to material selection



  Zhengzhou Dingli dryer manufacturers custom-made production of complete dehydration drying equipment, the dryer has a variety of waste residue feed, straw forage and slag ore and coal classification, various processes and structures, and brewers grain spent dewatering machine also has Two, according to the specific brewers grain spent classification to choose the appropriate dehydration model, more cost-effective.


  Brewers grain spent are generally corn stalks, rice grains, wheat grains, sorghum grains, subdivided into white distiller's grains, red wine grains and beer grains, and can be dehydrated and upgraded by deliming and drying equipment for the production of slag feed. Solve solid waste pollution, create considerable economic benefits, and reduce the environmental pressure on the operation of the winery.

  There are two types of brewers grain spent dewatering machine, namely, screw extrusion dewatering equipment and belt filter press, while brewers grain spent is processed by spiral extrusion, the price is relatively lower, and the processing capacity is large, which is very good for the dehydration of brewers grain spent. Good results, so many brewers grain spent dehydration projects choose this kind of dewatering equipment.


  For the sake of white wine, it is more suitable to choose the belt filter press. On the one hand, this type of machine does not want brewers grain spent dewatering equipment to be material-oriented and adaptable, so it is widely used, but its price is relatively high, specifically a dehydration How much is the machine, you need to determine the material and equipment model.

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