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How to make dehydrated and dried brewers grain produce five tons of brewers grain spent drying equipment configuration



  The reuse of brewers grain spent is often done by dehydration and drying. How is the distiller's grains dehydrated and dried? Now some customers consult five tons of brewers grain spen drying production line equipment. What kind of equipment is this configuration?


  Brewers grain spent are a kind of high-humidity material, so the dehydration process is needed before drying and utilization. Some brewers grain spen are coarse and fine. According to the characteristics of the distiller's grains, belt extrusion dehydration and spiral extrusion dehydration can be selected. What is the dehydration and drying process of brewers grain spent? The high-humid brewers grain spent are dehydrated to a certain extent by brewers grain spent dehydration equipment. The conveyor is fed into brewers grain spent rotary dryer to achieve high-temperature drying. Brewers grain spent are exchanged with the hot air in the Drum dryer. The material and the hot gas are full of heat. Exchange, the water is quickly evaporated and vaporized, and the required moisture is completed to complete the drum drying process, which is discharged by the discharging device.

  The five-ton brewers grain spent drying equipment is composed of a heat source, a dewatering equipment, a belt feeder, a rotary dryer, a belt discharge machine, an induced draft fan, a dust collector and a power distribution cabinet. Zhengzhou Dingli can design and manufacture equipment according to customers' production capacity, moisture and other needs, so that the distiller's dryer can better meet customer needs. At present, Zhengzhou Dingli brewers grain spent dryer has been applied in many projects, and customers can call us.

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