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Large-scale coal slime drying equipment-- Xinjiang orders offline processing



  On the 12th of this month, the large-scale coal slime dryer project negotiated by our company and Xinjiang customers came to an end, and it was confirmed that Zhengzhou Dingli supplied the equipment. The technical plan has passed the audit and officially went offline to enter the equipment processing process.

  The processing capacity of Xinjiang large-scale coal slime dryer equipment is 1,500 tons per day. The whole project is under the sole responsibility of our company. The processing, installation and commissioning of one service, the equipment operation reaches the standard delivery project, which is also a customer optimistic. The set of coal slime dryer adopts the energy-saving technology upgraded by our company, and the equipment has unprecedented optimization control in power consumption and energy consumption.

  Zhengzhou Dingli coal slime dryer is currently promoting environmentally-friendly and energy-saving equipment. The drying structure strengthens the breaking strength and improves the heat utilization rate. This greatly reduces the pressure on the cost of heat source equipment and the cost increase. At the same time, our company The steam coal slime dryer can recover boiler exhaust gas and steam preheating resources from power plants, brick factories, chemical plants, etc., and reduce the cost deeply, while reducing the workload of the dust removal system and equipment configuration costs.

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