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Two sets of dryers and a set of carbonization equipment projects were negotiated on the 12th



  On the 12th of this month, Zhengzhou Dingli two sets of dryers and a set of carbonization equipment export project business negotiations ended, confirming that our company is a supplier, exporting to Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This grand event is not the first move, it will not be the only one, but a continuation of the results of Dingli’s solid comprehensive strength.


  The customers of this business negotiation came from Kazakhstan, Lebanon and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The design dryer equipment was washed coal washing equipment, coconut shell carbonization furnace and wood chip dryer. The three projects were held on the same day, and it was also on the same day. The process was very smooth. The customer’s evaluation of our company coincided with affirmation. It was said that the equipment and technology of our company have been examined in China. The facts are the same, as they are expected.

  Whether it is washing clean coal or wood chip drying, or coconut shell carbonization equipment, our company's main export equipment, advanced technology, environmental protection and energy saving, is also a product series with considerable export performance, especially the washing Coal drying equipment is a mature product that our company has been operating for more than ten years. It solves environmental problems better and lower cost, and is highly productive and efficient.


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