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Small bean dreg dryer manufacturer's technical system mature



  The quality of a high-quality bean dregs dryer production line is not the price, but a complete technical system. Each link can be connected efficiently. The bean dregs drying material has a long storage time, no paste, no saccharification, and is used not only for feed additives. Reduce costs, but at the same time ensure the nutritional balance of feed.


  Soybean residue drying has different requirements and differences compared to distiller's grains, bran, corn husk, tea slag or straw forage. First of all, the bean dregs are easier to bond and paste in the high-humidity state, so the drying technology is processed. It can not be used with the slag feed or straw forage feed, but it is more necessary to adopt the stirring and drying structure of the field, continue to break up, and evenly raise the material. At the same time, it will enter the airflow low-temperature drying process after drying to 35% water. The conditions and elements that a mature technology system must possess.

The technical system mature bean dreg dryer manufacturers are not only the same, but also different treatments in other dregs feed drying technology, tailor-made, such as straw forage grass is used for low temperature drying, while distiller's grains feed is high temperature and dry. Therefore, whether it is a large or a small bean dregs dryer production line, it is necessary to select a technically competent manufacturer to obtain reliable and reliable hardware support.

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