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Shanxi potato residue drying project ended: sweet potato residue drying equipment installation and commissioning completed



  The sweet potato residue drying project that our company cooperates with Shanxi customers has been officially completed. The installation and commissioning work of this project has been completed, and the equipment can be officially put into operation after the equipment test.


  In Shanxi potato residue drying project, our company provides customers with equipment for dehydration and drying of sweet potato residue. The production line includes heat source equipment, dewatering equipment, drying equipment, dust removal equipment and electronic control equipment. The production line equipment is customized by our company for the production needs of our customers. Our company designs and manufactures according to the production needs of our customers. During the installation process, our company has displayed a meticulous work attitude and completed the project for the customers within the specified period. After the test machine, our company will provide systematic technical training for local customers to facilitate the commissioning and maintenance of the later equipment.

  Shanxi is one of the key provinces for the construction of drying projects in our company. Before that, our company built a slime dryer, a kitchen waste drying project, a coal drying production line, etc. The dry production line has once again settled in the local area, which is of great significance to the development of our local sales strategy. In the future, Dingli is looking forward to cooperating with more local customers to build a drying project. Dingli Dryer Consulting Hotline: 15670626070


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