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Starch slag dryer adds boost to beet pulp feed utilization



  Beet pulp starch processing is one of the main utilization methods of beet pulp. In the process of beet pulp starch production, a large amount of powder residue will be produced. The main components of beet pulp powder residue are starch and cellulose, and contain a small amount of crude protein, beet pulp starch residue. Processing as a feed ingredient is a good way to use, and improve the economic value and utilization of the banana starch residue.


  The fresh beet pulp has a water content of more than 75%. Such a state is difficult to transport or store. Therefore, the beet pulp dewatering machine or the professional beet pulp dryer is usually used for dehydration treatment to extend the shelf life.

  Beet slag dryer is an essential equipment for deep dewatering. It is mainly used for rapid dehydration by high temperature drying. It has large processing capacity, large-scale, automatic and environmentally friendly production. The cost of dewatering of canna edulis is low and the scale benefits are remarkable. Dingli beet pulp starch slag dryer is developed by Dingli technical team for the characteristics of starch slag. It is suitable for a variety of high-humidity materials. It has large processing capacity, high degree of automation, continuous production, energy saving and environmental protection, which can save operating costs for enterprises. Zhengzhou Dingli provides customers with equipment installation, technical support and other services to help enterprises dehydrate the beet pulp.

  Beet slag is fermented and dried to produce feed, which can effectively improve the palatability of beet pulp and increase protein content, and then be used to feed pigs, effectively reducing the cost of breeding, increasing economic benefits, and being favored by the feed industry and aquaculture industry. Interested friends can click on the online consultation or call 15670626070

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