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Straw feed dryer price list 100 tons straw dryer price



  At present, many cities have already banned straw direct incineration, because this will not only cause waste of resources, but also affect the environment. Everyone thinks that direct burning of crop waste straw is an important cause of haze, and people attach importance to the environmental protection of straw. More enterprises or individuals will handle it environmentally, and straw feed utilization is one of its utilization methods. Straw feed dryer equipment is an important equipment in its processing.


  The issue of equipment price and other issues is one of the hot spots of many customers. In the process of customer consultation, it is more important to understand or find the price list of straw feed dryer, which is convenient for the investigation and investigation of the early market. However, during the inspection process, customers will find it difficult to find a precise price list. Why is it? Take Zhengzhou Dingli as an example. Zhengzhou Dingli is a straw dryer equipment manufacturer. Dingli straw dryer is suitable for corn stover, sorghum straw, soybean. Straw, etc., various types of drying equipment have been introduced for different regions and different yields. There are also great differences in the price parameters of different configurations in the straw drying production line. Therefore, the price of straw drying equipment of various specifications is also different. Due to the limited space and other limited display on the Internet, Zhengzhou Dingli is more accurate in providing accurate quotes for customers' specific needs. Therefore, if you want to know the price of straw feed dryer, you can call 15670626070 for consultation. You can set your specific production needs and environmental protection. The demand and other personnel are provided by the competent staff, and the technical staff will provide you with detailed production plans and quotations.

  At present, some customers have more straw resources, and they hope to purchase 50 tons and 100 tons of corn stover dryer equipment. For questions about the price of 100 tons of straw dryer, you can call Zhengzhou Dingli manufacturers for more information.


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