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 Whether large-scale forage dryer  with hundreds of tons a day can be purchased in one stop and reduce procurement costs, such problems have been properly solved here in Zhengzhou Dingli forage dryer manufacturers. The production line of large-scale forage drying granulator is customized, and the daily drying capacity is 100 tons or more. The capacity of the drying granulator is not limited.


 With the continuous increase in the amount of forage dryer consultation, Zhengzhou Dingli began to customize the production of complete set of production line equipment for forage crusher, dryer, granulator and filling (bundling) according to market demand, which can reduce the time for users to purchase. And cost costs, it is also convenient to uniformly control the quality of equipment, technical design coordination capabilities, post-sale work and other appropriate, so as to further promote the rapid investment in the construction and production of grass drying and granulation projects.

 The large-scale forage drying granulator is suitable for the processing and production of grass and feed materials such as alfalfa, king bamboo grass, elephant grass, oat grass, and green corn stalk, which is also the result of the continuous and rapid development of the forage processing market in China. With the continuous expansion of forage planting area in China, the market demand for forage dryer granulators has grown rapidly. Zhengzhou Dingli adjusted the manufacturers' offer for forage dryer granulators according to market changes, customized production, unlimited production capacity, and improved user production line planning.

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