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How much is a fresh grass feed dryer?



  Fresh grass fodder cannot be preserved for a long time, but forage grass cultivation has seasonal characteristics.  Oatgrass and other grass fodder drying treatment and the need to extend the shelf life.


  How is the fresh grass feed drying effect?

  No matter the color, taste or nutritional content of the fresh grass feed is dried, compared with the natural drying or air-drying process, the yarrow feed dryer has the characteristics of batch production. Ten tons and more than one hundred tons of hay production. At the same time, fresh grass can effectively extend the shelf life while maintaining its original characteristics.

  How much is a fresh grass feed dryer?

  The price of fresh grass feed drying equipment can be hundreds of thousands or hundreds of thousands. It is a model, a production line supporting method, and a dryer equipment price scheme. However, practicality and benefits are all fresh grass feed dryers. Supply characteristics. The low-temperature drying technology of the dryer manufacturers is mature and stable, with low manpower requirements, strong operability, and good controllability, which effectively guarantees the economic benefits of fresh grass feed drying.

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