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  At yesterday afternoon, three large trucks at the gate of Zhengzhou Dingli Factory were arranged in an orderly manner, and the whole vehicle was ready to be shipped to Kazakhstan. This is the first time that our coal slime dryer equipment has entered the country.


  The production and processing of Kazakhstan coal slime dryer equipment has experienced a severe period of severe epidemics in our country. Under the conditions that all work is relatively difficult, our workers resolutely implement Zhengzhou epidemic prevention tasks, do a good job of safety measures, and work more quickly work together and work together to complete the project and ship it all at once.

  Coal slime dryer is our main product. From production capacity, dewatering capacity to environmental protection and energy consumption, our company has a mature and innovative technical system, which is backed by a stable and solid processing quality. Therefore, the presence of coal slime dryers in Kazakhstan is everything.

  The follow-up progress of the Kazakhstan coal slime drying equipment project, our company will continue to follow up, report on time, so stay tuned.

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