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Large brewer's grain spent dryer price picture and price brewer's grain spent deep processing equipment



  How to further processing brewer's grain spent? A large amount of brewer's grain spent contains certain nutrients, which can be reprocessed by drying. Zhengzhou Dingli currently launches large brewer's grain spent dryer equipment according to market demand, which can meet customers' daily needs for wine lees treatment. The machine price picture and price and so on today I will share with you.

brewer's grain spent dryer equipment

  The above is one of the large-scale brewer's grain spent drying projects constructed by Zhengzhou Dingli. This project is our company's high-quality brewer's grain spent drying project for customers. The Dingli wine residue drying equipment is high-temperature hot air drying and dehydrated wine. The slag enters the drum dryer and contacts with high temperature hot air for drying. Dingli large-scale wine slag drying equipment can use a variety of heat sources such as steam, gas, coal and biomass etc. to meet the needs of environmental impact assessment in various regions. Equipment support is customized.

  What is the price of a brewer's grain spent drier? Dingli brewer's grain spent drying production line equipment varies according to output and configuration etc. The equipment prices also vary, specific equipment can consult online customer service.


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