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  What kind of dryer is used for vinasse? Undoubtedly, tumble dryers with multi-layer copy board or three-layer rotary structure are mostly users' choice. Its drying efficiency, daily drying capacity, and drying effect are all very good, which can meet the needs of users for drying vinasse processing feed production. The dryer is not expensive and the equipment is durable.

  Dryer for drying brewer's grain spent

  The drying machine for drying the lees has a more suitable drying structure according to the type of lees. For example, the dryer in beer can adopt a three-layer rotary drum drying structure, while the lees are mostly used in the early stage, so they are all special drying machines. Brewer's grain spent dryer will be designed reasonably according to the user's materials to achieve lower drying costs.

  Brewer's grain spent dryer should be lighter and stronger when adopting the multi-layer copy board drying structure, such as rice brewer's grain spent, corn brewer's grain spent, sorghum brewer's grain spent, red wine brewer's grain spent and brewer's grain spent.

  It is suitable for the early moisture characteristics of liquor. Generally, there is no need for supporting dehydrator equipment. Therefore, for beer grains with a moisture content of about 80%, a three-layer rotary drying structure and a dehydrator production line are often used. Of course, it can also be used after dehydration. Liquor lees dryer with plate structure.

  Liquor lees dryer with multi-layer copy board structure


  Beer lees dryer with three-layer rotary drum structure


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