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  The video of the sweet potato residue dehydrator was taken at the production site of the belt filter press. The belt extruder removes moisture from the sweet potato residue, bean dregs, and bean curd residue. It is a very common extrusion dehydration equipment, and the price of a belt filter press is not high. Expensive and durable, the matching sweet potato residue dryer can reduce its cost.


  The belt filter press is a highly applicable extrusion dehydration equipment. The sweet potato residue can repeatedly receive high-strength extrusion force in the filter press area. The extrusion dehydration has stable dehydration effect and removes about 20% of the water. Stable and reliable, it is generally used for pre-dehydration treatment of sweet potato residue, deep dehydration and drying, it needs to adopt a special sweet potato residue dryer, tumble drying structure and air drying combined production.
  The video of sweet potato residue dehydration machine, shot at the production site of belt filter press dehydration

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