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  Brewer's grain spent drying equipment is subdivided in the dryer structure and the drying process. For example, Brewer's grain spent drying is divided into low temperature drying and high temperature drying. The drying equipment production line has a dehydrator supporting three-layer rotary drum dryer and multiple There are two types of rotary dryers with a layer copy board structure, so it is clear that the price of brewer's grain spent drying equipment is worth looking at these details.


  It is not that a set of brewer's grain spent drying equipment is a good vinasse drying equipment production line to meet the moisture and output requirements of dried vinasse, but while ensuring the former, the drying cost of vinasse is lower, the process is environmentally friendly, and the drying profit margin is increased. It is better to create higher economic benefits.

  Brewer's grain spent are divided into brewer's grains, white brewer's grain spent, corn brewer's grain spent, rice brewer's grain spent and other raw materials. Their particle size and moisture content are different, and users have specific conditions such as using steam conditions and protecting gas utilization costs. Therefore, brewer's grain spent drying factory will carry out the technical design of the brewer's grain spent dried grain production line according to the actual needs of users.

  The low-temperature drying of brewer's grain spent is also a steam drying equipment for brewer's grain spent. The steam is processed by a tube converter to meet the drying temperature of the brewer's grain spent. The main body is a flow tube drum dryer. The high-temperature air-drying process of brewer's grain spent uses steam, fuel oil, biomass and other fuels. The burner supplies heat and outputs high-temperature hot air, which directly enters the drying drum to fully exchange heat with the brewer's grain spent to evaporate water and drying the brewer's grain spent.

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