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  There are two models of beer lees dehydrator, screw extruder and belt filter press. The dehydration effect of the two is the same. In comparison, the screw extruder dehydrates more beer slag. How much is a beer lees dehydrator? The money can refer to the quotations of Zhengzhou dehydration equipment manufacturers.


  Beer lees dehydrator

  The water content of brewer's lees is larger than that of distillers' dregs, which can basically be about 80%. Therefore, the dehydration energy consumption of brewer's lees dryer directly is higher. First, the squeeze dehydrator is used to remove 20% of the water, which can reduce beer slag dehydration costs. Belt filter presses and screw extruders are a large selection of users, and more users choose screw extrusion dehydrators, considering that the dehydration effect is consistent and the screw extruder is cheaper.

  Beer lees dehydrator price-screw extruder


  Tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands are very common, and they are basically in the specifications and models of screw extrusion dehydrators. Zhengzhou dehydration equipment manufacturer Dingli New Energy has a fair quotation, which is mainly used for supporting beer dregs dryers. The specifications and models are not limited. One model is one price. Please consult us for the price of a beer lees dehydrator.

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