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Wheat distiller's grains contain a lot of water. After dehydration treatment, it can be stored for a long time or processed into feed to realize the recycling of its resources and create secondary income for the enterprise. The wheat distiller's grains dryer is easy to handle and the effect is good.


The wheat distiller's grains dryer is developed and produced according to the characteristics of distiller's grains. It adopts a drum-type structure and can quickly reduce the moisture content of wheat distiller's grains to about 12% through the high-temperature hot air quick-drying process or the low-temperature hot air quick-drying process, which is convenient for long-term storage or reprocessing. After drying The wheat distiller's grains have high quality and small nutritional loss.

Dingli wheat distiller's grains dryer is customized for production, with unlimited production capacity. According to different heat sources of users, steam dryer, gas dryer, coal-fired dryer and oil-fired dryer are provided, which can run continuously for 24 hours, with high flexibility. high.

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