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A large amount of apple pomace will be produced in the process of fruit juice factory or fruit vinegar factory. These pomace contains a lot of nutrients and pectin. After drying, it can be used for feed processing to realize its resource utilization and economical reuse. How do you dry apple pomace? This article explains the drying and recycling process of apple pomace in detail

Apple pomace drying and recycling process

Apple pomace has a high water content. In order to reduce the energy consumption and cost of the apple pomace dryer and improve its drying efficiency, a dehydrator will be used for mechanical extrusion dehydration before the pomace is dried. The conveyor is transported to the tumble dryer, and under the constant turning of the uniformly distributed copying plate in the cylinder, a uniform material curtain is formed and fully contacted with the hot air, which can quickly reduce the moisture of the pomace, which is convenient for long-term storage or feed processing. The subsequent packaging process can be configured according to customer production requirements.

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