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Distiller's grains are the main by-product in the winemaking process of the winery, and can be reused after treatment, but the distiller's grains contain a lot of water, which is not conducive to long-term storage or export, and is not convenient for the secondary use of the distiller's grains. So how to realize the secondary utilization of distiller's grains? You may wish to use a distiller's grain dryer to process distiller's grains quickly and in large quantities, which is more efficient and practical.

The distiller's grains dryer is the main equipment for the precipitation of wet distiller's grains in the winery. It adopts the process of mechanical dehydration + tumble drying to quickly reduce the moisture of the distiller's grains by thermal traditional methods. The dried distiller's grains can be reprocessed into feed or fuel. , realize the secondary utilization of distiller's grains, and bring higher economic benefits to users.

Zhengzhou Dingli specializes in the production of distiller's grains dryers, and can provide customized services for distiller's grains drying feed processing equipment or distiller's grains drying fuel processing equipment, with a daily output of 10 tons to 500 tons, direct supply from the factory, and preferential prices. Welcome to consult.

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